The Fiat 500 “Superstar as standard” INDEED

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The moment I saw this car, I wanted one!  It was THAT Sassy, Sharp looking and Oh so Stylish!
For the record, this is NOT your mother’s Fiat. No way, it’s not only developed an attitude, it’s brought good-looking cars to a whole new level. Because not only is it stylish, it also packs a serious punch under the bonnet. And with a TwinAir turbo charged engine, you would think that it comes at a big price to the environment, but not so!
Its revolutionary twin inline engine uses multiair engine technology to reduce not only your fuel consumption, but it also has super-low CO2 emissions of 95g/km. Along with getting “Best New Engine” at the 2011 international engine of the year awards, it has also received accolades praising its spunky but smooth, cheeky but slick handling. So you have to wonder who else would love this car? Well, J-Lo seems to! And the Fiat J-Lo advert makes you want to join in and drive and dance with her too.


So if J-Lo could  grab the attention of every passer-by in the advert, be reassured it’s been grabbing attention everywhere else as well. The perfect city  car, with brilliant get up and go off the mark, and not a single dead blade of grass in sight, (just lots of sassy sexy dancing in the advert), can it get any better ?
Superstar as standard not only applies to the fantastic TwinAir engine, the incredible handling and the super stylish look, it also applies  inside the car. If you work in the city and drive in the city then you also know that at times you live in your car. And who wants to be stuck in a tin can, no matter how fab it looks on the outside? Not me! I want to be pampered, isn’t that what it’s all about? J-Lo seems to agree, and who would know about THAT any better?

Peeking at the inside, the first thing that hit me was that I felt like I was in a quirky but familiar place in a twisted way, and I loved it! The checked material gave me a cosy “slippers by the fireplace” in a quintessential English cottage, but with my IPAD 2 on my lap, yeah, I can deal with this. This is what Superstar is all about, being able to have the best of everything in one exclusive package.

If you want the most environmentally  conscious car in the world, but don’t want to sacrifice style, spunk or comfort, you don’t have to. The Italians have done it again by combining their tradition of sporty and cool with the best city car to be had, anywhere.
Now…I wonder if the Fiat 500byGucci is still available …with THIS version…

First Fiat 500 Commercial Featuring Jennifer Lopez http://youtube/W6Uw18wJ3B0


To Test Drive the Fiat 500 click below

‘Test Drive’https://www.fiat.co.uk/contactconsole/ArrangeTestDrive500TwinAir.aspx

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