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Tucked away in the heart of Leicester Square, perched above the busy central city noise, lays a place to retreat and satisfy ones hunger with spectacular views.
Number One Leicester Square is renowned for its evening entertainment including film premieres; brand launches; and VIP club nights. However, few are aware that it houses an elegant, vibrant, exclusive restaurant.
At first glance, you would be forgiven for missing the entrance to the Penthouse and we would have missed it if it weren’t for Google Maps! Once inside, we stepped into the glass elevator to the 7th floor to a modern bar and kitchen area. It was clear that much thought has been put into the design, with floor to ceiling windows and complimentary lighting.  The windows allow diners to access the veranda overlooking Leicester square and spectacular views of Westminster on the horizon.  Cream sofas and suede chairs line the restaurant, making Penthouse the perfect spot to relax.
Now sat comfortably at our seats in the busy restaurant, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the seating plan meant conversations remained private.
The waiter was relaxed, yet professional and was quick to recommend some fruit cocktails to whet the appetite. To start, we ordered grilled Gambas prawns in a sweet chill sauce.  A delicious finger dish so make sure you have plenty of napkins, as I made the mistake of answering my phone after tucking into this dish.
For the main course I opted for the Grilled Lamb Cutlets and Grilled Spring Vegetables.  I almost felt guilty about eating as the plate looked like a work of art with three sculptured pieces. It is a little bit of a cliché to describe the lamb as succulent and tender but any other words would be an injustice to the chef’s work.  I would have gladly had a second helping if it wasn’t for the horrified look of the business men dining on the opposite table as I devoured the lamb in record breaking time.  Slightly embarrassed, I ordered a sorbet for dessert as a refreshing treat.
The menu is fairly priced with the average dish not exceeding £15.  If you would like to book a table or find out more information on the restaurant please visit 
Rating: 8/10


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