Travel in Style This Summer With Thomas Lyte

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Thomas Lyte is a desirable luxurious brand situated in London, launched in 2007. The brand focuses on valued products from distinctive leather bags to playful leather purses, desirable leather wallets to classic cufflinks, it is dedicated to the finest quality and workmanship in silver and leather. which are individual, handmade and exquisite quality. Thomas Lyte is a modern brand with a strong English heritage, inspired by the ethical principles of the Arts & Crafts movement and capturing the free-thinking spark of innovation in English artists from the 60s through to the present day. These ideas have led to a brand which definitively encapsulates the English spirit in the creation of unique and distinctive luxury accessories. The brand is built on five core values Heritage

The name Thomas Lyte originates in the court of King James I where, in 1610, Thomas Lyte, a well respected historian and genealogist from Somerset, presented King James with a lineage tracing the King’s ancestry back to Brute, the mythical King of all the Britons. This helped to secure the position of Scottish King James VI on the English throne as James I, in turbulent times that marked the change from the Tudor to the Stuart dynasty. In appreciation, James I presented Thomas with the gift of The Lyte Jewel, a diamond and enamelled gold locket with the King’s portrait inside, which can be seen today at The British Museum. The Jewel is unique, featuring complex rose-cut and hexagonal multi-faceted diamonds. This was the first time that diamonds had been cut in a way that allowed them to sparkle.


Thomas Lyte came from the Age of Enlightenment, an era which saw the birth of the luxury goods market. It was a time when furniture, clothing and objects became decorative as well as functional, and that is why the name Thomas Lyte was chosen for the brand. English Thomas Lyte captures the quintessential character of the English spirit, building on the rich traditions of innovation, adventure, entrepreneurship, a sense of fair play, creative vision, supporting the underdog, a sense of humour (not forgetting eccentricity!), that typify the English. Art The major English arts movements, from the Gothic period, the Arts & Craft movement, the 1960s to today, have had a strong influence on Thomas Lyte. The brand actively support the flourishing English arts scene and are continually looking to foster talented new artists and craftspeople, some of whom they commission to create new products. Ethical The fair trade and environmental ethos, brought about by the renewed interest in Arts & Crafts in the 1960’s, has been a strong influence on Thomas Lyte. The brand take their corporate social responsibility seriously, in that the brand want their customers to know who designs their products and who makes them, and they take great care to ensure that neither the environment, nor their skilled craftsmen, are exploited in the process. The Thomas Lyte Foundation, a registered charity, has also been established to encourage and support the work and welfare of designers and artists. Modern Although inspired by historical design movements and trends, the brands passion is to create contemporary products which are both practical and exquisite to look at, as well as being relevant to the present day.


This Autumn, Thomas Lyte opens its flagship store in the Burlington Arcade, Mayfair, London. Arranged over three floors the Thomas Lyte temple of luxury pays homage to English-craftsmanship in leather and silver, at its finest. The store’s first floor will be the private client suite, accessible by appointment only. The store’s interior scheme is based on a concept of ˜heritage with a modern twist” which reflects the strong Arts and Crafts values of Thomas Lyte.

BSF Wish List Thomas Lyte collection with items ranging from £75.00 – £1500.

1. Woodvale Weekend Leather Bag 2. Leather Cosmetic Bag 3. Patent Leather iPhone Pouch 4. Spitfire Leather Eyeshades 5. Small Leather Journal 6. Leather ‘Love Money’ Envolope

I recieved the Leather Luggage Tag as a gift, from the Thomas Lyte collection which can be found on thier wesite. It went straight onto my suitcase for my relaxation holiday which I have already started packing for although it’s in September.

For more information on the brand and products visit: Tel: +44 (0)20 7751 8844

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  1. Thomas Lyte

    Thanks BSF Mag 🙂 We LOVE your wishlist! To say thanks we’d like to offer all BSF Mag readers £10 off their next purchase (for the next week only) Simply enter ‘BSFMAG’ in the promo code box during checkout to take advantage of this offer before Tuesday 3 August 2010! x

  2. Lisa Lau

    o… 🙁 too late now! love all the goodies listed here. i will pop in more often to see what goodies, news and offers BSF will bring! PROMISE! x

  3. Barbra Jones

    Love the Thomas Lyte brand, I brought my husband a wallet last Christmas and daughter a handbag. Wonderful British brand.

  4. Roseanne Robinson

    ooo loving the detail to your article, I have not heard of Thomas Lyte being from up north but will check it out. Cheers.

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