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Light up this

festive season with

the illuminata


Bring out the bejewelled prisms, fractured and shot through with kaleidoscopic glimpses of the future.
Pulsing rays of charged particles dance and flow as sumptuous textures swirl with potent essences collected from around the globe. Join us as we fill every corner with light, illuminate the dark with incandescent aroma and welcome an era of good will. This is a celebration of warmth: a time for giving Gifts for all


Light up the festive period with flavours of Australia and the
Seychelles. This high performance body trio features stars from our
warming eucalyptus and ultrasmooth coco de mer collections, for
a soothing and potent result.

  • Warming eucalyptus bath and shower therapy 300ml
  • Warming eucalyptus and ginger body scrub 300g
  • Ultrasmooth coco der mer body lotion 200ml

Price 55.00



Seasonal Quartet
Myrrh Muske and Cypress

Combining a delicate mix of exotic and spicy ingredients, from
precious myrrh to warm ginger and from cypress wood to smoked
incense; this heady, autumnal scent is the ideal festive choice for
the home.

  • Myrrh muske and cypress fine liquid hand wash 300ml – £15.00
  • Myrrh muske and cypress soothing hand lotion 300ml – £15.00
  • Myrrh muske and cypress home ambiente room spray 100ml – £22.00
  • myrrh muske and cypress medio candela 180g – £36.00



Take yourself on a glittering journey to warm Tahitian shores. This
three piece collection is infused with rich Tahitian tamanu oils and
exotic gingerlily extracts to cleanse and moisturise your body and
heighten your senses. A supremely feminine gift.

  • heavenly gingerlily moisture bath and shower 300ml
  • heavenly gingerlily body cream 200ml
  • heavenly gingerlily eau fraiche 100ml

Price 59.00

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