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TECH: Vax Launch New Models

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Vax are the pre-eminent name when it comes to vacuum and steam-cleaning technology.

Their range of all vacuum types and models, from uprights and cylinders, to hand-held, steam cleaners and cordless are the best on the market and expansion and development of those models is progressing constantly. We take a look at some of the latest models.

Air3 Range

Standard – the prototype model. This vacuum has strong suction and is so lightweight as to belie its power. Affordable and practical with added air-motion technology, it will leave your floors pristine.

Air3 Pet – Weighing in at only 5.1 kg but delivering 225 air watts, this model comes complete with a TurboTool for those who live with pets. If you’ve ever lived with cats, dogs or any other fluffy and furry souls, you’ll know that this is less an optional extra and more of a necessity – a real boon for pet owners.

Air3 Total Home – This one offers the complete package and is the model you’d want to opt for if you have a busy family home, ruled in part by pets and kids. This one comes with all the extras that the above models offer, as well as a 10m cord and stretch hose that extends up to five metres. Ultimately, this is the most comprehensive of the bunch, but not necessarily the best for the smaller home.

Carpet Cleaners  

All Terrain V125-A – This all-rounder has the look of something from a 1950s sci-fi flick, though it couldn’t be more advanced when it comes to technological innovation. With its Dual V technology it heats, deep cleans and dries your carpet, so it’s dry enough for non-squelchy footfall within minutes of being cleaned. Its rotary SpinScrub mechanism brings out deep-rooted dirt and all in all, gives your carpets the scouring of their life, without wearing the life out of them. It does include a hard floor kit, but you’re perhaps better off with a separate model if you have more hard floors than carpets.

Rapide Ultra – 2

Slightly more cumbersome and bulky in appearance than the previous model, but something of a classic in the making, owing to its ability to root out the most ingrained muck. For what the Rapide Ultra-2 has going for it are its powered water jets, which saturate the carpet pile with a combination of hot water and cleaning agent, giving your floors the deepest of cleans.


Duet Master S-7

With 1,600 watts and a 30-second heat-up time (which then give you nearly 15 minutes steaming time) this slender and ultra-compact model is the dream all-surface scourer. With its seven piece accessory kit, it cleans tiles, mirrors, windows and lino, killing off bacteria and leaving floors so pristine, you’ll be able to see your reflection in them. It even has a grout brush, squeegee tool and Velcro microfibre cleaning pads and what’s more, it’s chemical-free, and as environmentally friendly as you like.

Though it can work its magic on laminate and give your carpets a new lease of life, it’s not the best option for those who have carpets throughout – especially deep ones.

This range covers a variety of models that are suited to specific types of homes and households, but all of which can be adapted in their own way to become a suitable asset to any kind of living space. You just need to decide which it best for you.

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