A Day in the Life of a Luxury Concierge

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The world of the luxury concierge is one of mystery and wonder to those of us not in the loop.  So to get some insight into this secret society, we enlisted the services of Emyr Thomas, owner of concierge service Bon Vivant, to tell us exactly what they do for their members, what a typical day includes and why everyone should have them on speed dial.

The joy of running a concierge service is that every day is a little different. That may sound a little clichéd, but it’s genuinely true. We deal with a variety of clients, each one different from the other, and each one with his or her own lifestyle needs and requirements. A concierge service is designed to make your life a little easier – whether it’s freeing up your time so that you can focus on enjoying life; accessing an expert’s book of insider tips; or simply for the convenience of having someone else undertake your tasks on your behalf.

Mornings are always busy at BV Towers filtering through emails that we received overnight and responding to client requests – we normally receive many requests as clients make their way into the office and think about their plans for the day or week ahead.  The way we work is a little different from most concierge services in that all of our members deal directly with one concierge at all times, so we will each deal with our own requests on the way to work before having a daily catch up. It’s all about the one to one personal service with us.

Bon Vivant owner Emyr Thomas

We’ll usually have a number of restaurants to contact to arrange reservations for our clients – restaurant bookings is our most popular request, which isn’t surprising given that our clients are people who dine out regularly with friends or clients.  We have excellent relationships with restaurants across London where we work closely with GMs, Maitre d’s and reservation teams to ensure the best access for our clients, whether it is for a business lunch, dinner or a celebration in a private dining room.

Our luxury travel services are also popular and it’s always a joy to help a client with planning a wonderful holiday. We work to a client’s brief, however detailed or vague, to come up with the best solution for them – whether it’s simply booking their favourite hotel in New York or advising on the right destination, hotel, restaurants and activities.

My afternoons will usually be filled with meetings – we have a fantastic network of suppliers and partners that we need to nurture, therefore it’s important to meet for regular updates to see how we can improve the service we offer our clients.  We try to negotiate special perks and complimentary benefits for our clients as well – whether it’s an upgrade and a bottle of champagne at hotels or a glass of fizz or access to the best tables at a restaurant.

We will usually receive a number of ticket requests during the day as well, especially from our corporate clients who want to make sure they’re able to entertain their important clients. During the summer, the major sporting events are popular, as are music concerts and VIP events – everyone wants to be out and about having a good time when the sun is shining!  The day can also involve helping clients with their less glamorous tasks – whether finding a tutor for their children, finding a good personal trainer or sending gifts to a loved one, for example.

Every day of the week is pretty busy but at least we can relax a bit and slow down on a Friday, right? If only! Friday afternoons have a habit of being rather hectic as we arrange last minute weekend plans.  There’s no rest in the evenings either as we’re forced out to the city’s best restaurants and bars to try out new venues with someone thrusting a glass of champagne in our hands. The sacrifices we make to make sure we’re informing our members of the best London has to offer!

Through our newsletters and blog, we keep clients informed of the best new hotels, under-the-radar ones or our preferred hotels in popular cities, and we keep them abreast of new restaurant and bar openings, so they can remain on the pulse wherever they are.

For a taste of what Bon Vivant can offer, subscribe to their newsletter and blog. You can also follow Bon Vivant’s founder on Twitter at https://twitter.com/BonVivantLiving


By Emyr Thomas

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