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Supperclub London is celebrating its second birthday in style on Thursday 24th November in the same year that the supperclub celebrates its twentieth year as an international and successful brand.


Since opening a stone’s throw from Portobello market, supperclub has rapidly become a Notting Hill institution offering a unique and titillating mix of risqué entertainment, DJs and gourmet dining on beds. To celebrate their birthday they will create a non-stop carnival from their troupe of acts including dancers, singers, musician and acrobats.

Supperclub have teamed up with BSF Magazine giving you a chance to win a pair of tickets to this amazing  extravaganza!!!

Acts will include: Empress Stah, whose aerial acrobatics will amaze and delight, Mzz Kimberley- voted best cabaret artist of the year, Cathy Banks, supperclub’s  very own pole dancing star. Marnie Scarlett, the mistress of latex whose outrageous costumes alone are a performance in themselves, and Vivid Angel, an avant-garde entertainer extraordinaire and many many more…

Guest will be served delicious canapés and cocktails, inspired by supperclub’s menu, which draws its inspiration from both old and new worlds.  As the evening wears on revelers can take to the floor and dance to tunes provided by supperclub resident Dj Femi Fem (Young Disciples),Dj Sam Hanbali, DjSoul Purpose, & Loud Minority.


For a chance to win simply answer this question:

What does BSF stand for? 

Entry Requirements

Must be signed to the BSF free subscription to enter, send your answer to competition@bloodsweatandfashion.com

Competition closes Wednesday 23rd November at 3pm



Good Luck 

supperclub birthday party
Thursday, 24th November

supperclub London
12 Acklam Road,
Notting Hill,
W10 5QZ

T: 020 8964 6600

W: www.supperclub.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/supperclub_lndn

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